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IJCSI Volume 12, Issue 2, March 2015
New Approach for Drawings of 3-Planar Graphs
Mohamed A. El-Sayed, Shimaa E. Waheed, Amal Ali M. Mady and S. Abdel-Khalek
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OMP2HMPP: Compiler Framework for Energy-Performance Trade-off Analysis of Automatically Generated Codes
Albert Saa-Garriga, David Castells-Rufas and Jordi Carrabina
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Evaluating the Affection of Eye Blinking in the Virtual Learning Environment
Asanka D. Dharmawansa, Yoshimi Fukumura, Ashu Marasinghe and R.A. Manjula Madhuwanthi
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SolidOpt- A Multi-Model Software Optimization Framework
Vassil Vassilev, Alexander Penev and Martin Vassilev
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A Three Stage Communication Network Model with Homogeneous Bulk Arrivals and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
G. Rajendra Kumar, Kuda Nageswara Rao and K. Srinivasa Rao
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Smart Geographic object: Toward a new understanding of GIS Technology in Ubiquitous Computing
Zakaria Sakyoud, Gaëtan Rey, Mohamed Eladnani, Stephane Lavirotte, El Fazziki Abdelaziz and Jean-Yves Tigli
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A Survey on Clustering Algorithms and Complexity Analysis
Sabiha Firdaus and Ashraf Uddin
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Arabic Text-Based Chat Topic Classification Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Arwa Diwali, Mahmod Kamel and Mohmmed Dahab
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Numerical modeling and algorithms of creation of finite element model of multicoherent area
Askhad M. Polatov and Bekzod I. Begmatov
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Redundancy detection protocol for area coverage control in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
Hervé Gokou Diédié, Michel Babri and Souleymane Oumtanaga
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Overlapping and Non-overlapping Camera Layouts for Robot Pose Estimation
Mohammad Ehab Ragab
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A New Framework based on Learning Automata for User Community Detection in Social Networks
Rahebeh Mojtahedi Saffari and Hassan Rashidi
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Speaker Identification Using GMM with MFCC
Tahira Mahboob, Memoona Khanum, Malik Sikandar Hayat Khiyal and Ruqia Bibi
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Adaptive Jitter Reduction in All Digital Symbol Timing Recovery Loops
Mahmoud Mahlouji
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An Efficient Connectivity Measuring Approach for the Communication Network
Maneesha, P.C. Saxena and Sangeeta Sabharwal
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The Euphrates Cipher
Omar A. Dawood, Abdul Monem S. Rahma and Abdul Mohssen J. Abdul Hossen
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A New Secure Mobile Cloud Architecture
Olayinka Ayo Olafare
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Inter organizational System Management for integrated service delivery: An Enterprise Architecture Perspective
Abir Elmir, Badr Elmir and Bouchaib Bounabat
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Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms in Post-operative Life Expectancy in the Lung Cancer Patients
Kwetishe Joro Danjuma
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Joint Supplier Selection and Product Family Optimization in Supply Chain Design: A Literature Review
Rania Ragab Hussien and Hisham M. Abdelsalam
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An innovative proposed solution to solve the problem of conflicts in course schedule
Mohamad Ali Alrfaay, Yousif Karkaz and Aref Hassan Kurd Ali
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Study on Crime Busting using Mathematical Model
Xiufen Wang, Fangfang Dou, Wenwen Mao and Zhihong Ma
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Big Data: A Trouble or a Real Solution
Aakanksha Chopra, Aakanksha Chopra, Suman Madan and Suman Madan
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A Hybrid Model for Enhancing Lexical Statistical Machine Translation
Ahmed G. M. El Sayed, Ahmed S. Salama and Alaa El Din M. El Ghazali
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Similarity Measure in the Case-Based Reasoning Systems for Medical Diagnostics in Traditional Medicine
Odilon Yapo M. Achiepo, Behou Gérard N'guessan and Konan Marcellin
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Soft Computing Techniques for Change Detection in remotely sensed images : A Review
Madhu Khurana and Vikas Saxena
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Symmetric Key Generation Method using Digital Image
Ashraf Odeh, Aymen Abu-Errub and Mohammed Awad
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Comparative Study of Inflation Rates Forecasting Using Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Networks and Auto Regressive Models
Onimode, Bayo Mohammed and Onimode, Bayo Mohammed
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An Enhanced Approach to Adaptive Video Streaming over P2P Networks
Majed M. Alhaisoni
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Interoperable Distributed Data Warehouse Components
Mohammed Awad and Issam Jebreen
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A Novel Wireless and Mobile E-Health Expert System
Basem Rifai
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Hybrid Algorithm using Genetic Algorithm and Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Job Shop Scheduling Problem
Ala'a Abu-Srhahn and Muhannad Al-Hasan
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Local and Overall Similarities in Educational Design
Sylvia Encheva
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Preserving Data in Cloud Computing
Nasrin Dalil Ali Arabi and Ahmed Kayed
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Danger Theory Based Load Balancing (DTLB)Algorithm for Cloud Computing
Isha Dubey and Praneet Saurabh
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An Integrated Approach for Optimization of Resource Utilization at Seaports
Gamal Abd El-Nasser A. Said, Abeer M. Mahmoud and El-Sayed M. El-Horbaty
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Gender Issues and Information Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D): Prospects and Challenges for Women in Nigeria
Kwetishe Joro Danjuma, Bayo Mohammed Onimode and Ochedikwu Jonah Onche
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Design for Tapered transitions From Microstrip Lines to Substrat Integated Waveguide at Ka Ban
Damou Mehdi, Nouri Keltouma and Feham Mohammed
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Generating Test Cases for E-Commerce Systems
Khalid Alzubi
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