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IJCSI Thesis Publications

Volume 3, 2017

1. "Learning Support System using Agents in E-Learning" by Abuodha Atieno Lucy - PDF

Volume 2, 2012

1. "Optimization of Channel Estimation Algorithms for MIMOOFDM based LTE-Advanced" by Saqib Saleem - PDF

2. "An Automated Intelligent Approach for ECG Signal Noise Removal" by Sara Moein, Rajasvaran Logeswaran and Khazaimatol Shima Subari - PDF

Volume 1, 2011

1. "Enterprise Resource Planning for Competitive Business World" by Asadul Alam - PDF

2. "A Realistic Rendering of a school of Fish in Openscenegraph and C++" by Seraphin Franclin Foping - PDF

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