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IJCSI Volume 12, Issue 3, May 2015
Specification of Document Structure and Code Generation for Web Content Management
Besnik Selimi and Artan Luma
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Fine-Grained Data Sharing Supporting Attribute Extension in Cloud Computing
Yinghui Zhang
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AFDI: A Virtualization-based Accelerated Fault Diagnosis Innovation for High Availability Computing
Ameen Alkasem, Liu Hongwei, Zuo Decheng and Yao Zhao
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Some Empirical Results of Compressing High Resolution Raster Graphics Images
Chung-E Wang
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An E-learning Framework: Enhancing the Student Learning Style
Dennis B. Gonzales
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A Fuzzy-Neural Intelligent Trading Model for Stock PricePrediction
Uduak Umoh and Udoinyang Inyang
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Image Denoising Using Patch Based Processing With Fuzzy Triangular Membership Function
Krishan Kundu
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Fault Tolerant Control Design For Takagi-Sugeno Nonlinear Systems
Wafa Jamel, Wafa Jamel, , Atef Khedher, and Kamel Ben Othman
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Resource reservation and dynamic admission control for distributed multimedia systems
Bechir Alaya
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A Version of Parallel Odd-Even Sorting Algorithm Implemented in CUDA Paradigm
Jaumin Ajdari, Bujar Raufi, Xhemal Zenuni and Florie Ismaili
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Testability Assessment of Object Oriented Software Using Static Metric Model and Analytic Hierarchy Process
Pushpa R. Suri and Harsha Singhani
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Study and Analysis of MAC/IPAD Lab Configuration
Ayman Noor
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Rural Road Mapping Geographic Information System Using Mobile Android
I Nyoman Piarsa, Evy Savitri Hadi and Ni Kadek Ayu Wirdiani
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A Survey on Discovery of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in Cloud
Tayebe Shokatpour and Reza Ravanmehr
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A Named Entity Recognition System Applied to Arabic Text in the Medical Domain
Saad Alanazi, Bernadette Sharp and Clare Stanier
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Ontology-Based Model for e-Learning Management System (O-BMEMS)
Fakoya J. Tunde, Adewale O. Sunday and Oladoja I. Perpetual
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Maintainability of Object- Oriented Software Metrics Using Analyzability
Satya Prasad Raavi and N.V.Symakumar Dasari
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RGB Color Image Encryption-Decryption Using Gray Image
Ahmad A.M Sharadqah
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Analyzing the Impact of Social Media on Users
Sameen Fatima, Umar Manzoor, Bassam Zafar and Mohammed A. Balubaid
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Automatic Extraction and Localisation of Optic Disc in Colour Fundus Images
Thresiamma Devasia, Poulose Jacob and Tessamma Thomas
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A New Six-port Junction Based on Multilayer Technology
Traii Moubarek and Ali Gharsallah
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A Survey and Analysis on Recommendation System Algorithms
Tahira Mahboob, Memoona Khanum, Moquaddus Asif, Fatima Akhtar and Nitasha Siddique
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Survey and Analysis of Searching Algorithms
Tahira Mahboob, Bushra Sikandar, Fatima Akhtar, Moqauddas Asif and Nitasha Siqqique
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Fast And Low Cost Automated Human 3D Modeling And Skeleton Generation
Samuel Cahyawijaya and Iping Supriana
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Ethical Education of Information Technology Users
Mentor Hamiti and Besnik Selimi
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A Novel Framework for Video Piracy Detection
Harshala Gammulle, Chamila Walgampaya and Amalka Pinidiyaarachchi
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OnLearn: The ontology for managing e-learning resources
Saint-Jean A. O. Djungu
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Multiversion Thomas Write Rule Timestamp-based Concurrency Control
Habes Alkhraisat and Hasan Rashaideh
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An Enhanced Apriori Algorithm for Discovering Frequent Patterns with Optimal Number of Scans
Sudhir Tirumalasetty, Aruna Jadda and Sreenivasa Reddy Edara
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Dynamic Computation of Runge-Kutta Fourth Order Algorithm for First and Second Order Ordinary Differential Equation Using Java
A.O. Anidu, S.A Arekete, A.O. Adedayo and A.O. Adekoya
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Proposed Active Noise control System by using FPGA
Ahmad Sinjari, Rafid A. Amory and Rashad A. Alsaigh
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Source Camera Identification of Mobile Phones using EXIF Data and Lens Features
Mukul Khurana, Vivek Sharma, Pulkit Mehndiratta and Shelly Sachdeva
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Task Technology Fit and Lecturers Performance Impacts: The Technology Utilization, Satisfaction and Performance (TUSPEM) Dimension
Osang, Francis Bukie
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Web Search Query Result Optimization based on Memetic Algorithms: A Comparative Study
L. Melita, Gopinath Ganapathy and Sebsibe Hailemariam
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Improving the Performance of Multi-class Intrusion Detection Systems using Feature Reduction
Yasmen Mohamed Essam Eldin Wahba, Ehab Elsalamouny and Ghada Eltaweel
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Domain Module Design: An Ontological Approach
Salisu Muhammad Sani, Teh Noranis Mohd Aris, Norwati Mustapha and Nasir Md Sulaiman
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Towards A New Maturity Model for Information System
Oussama Matrane, Mohamed Talea, Amal Talea and Chafik Okar
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