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IJCSI Volume 11, Issue 6, November 2014
Agent-Based Product Configuration: towards Generalized Consensus Seeking
Benoit Beroule, Alain-Jérôme Fougères and Egon Ostrosi
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Development of a Mobile Service on a WiFi Network for the Evaluation of Mathematical Skills
Maximiliano Canché-Euán, Carlos Miranda-Palma and José López-Martínez
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Exploring a novel method for face image gender Classification using Random Forest and comparing with other Machine Learning Techniques
Amjath Fareeth Basha and Gul Shaira Banu Jahangeer
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Brain Tumor Segmentation: A Comparative Analysis
Muhammad Ali Qadar and Yan Zhaowen
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An Efficient Method for Multi Moving Objects Tracking at Nighttime
Mohamed Taha, Hala H. Zayed, Taymoor Nazmy and M. E. Khalifa
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An analytical comparison between applying FFT and DWT in WiMAX systems
Heba Raouf, Heba Yosef and Atef Ghonem
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Feature Extraction based on DCT for Handwritten Digit Recognition
Bouchra El Qacimy, Mounir Ait Kerroum and Ahmed Hammouch
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The comparison WRR-SCAN versus SCAN-EDF the algorithms that are used in REAL-TIME systems
Julian Fejzaj and Aldo Frasheri
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Adaptive E-Learning model for Educational Institutions Using Semantic Web
Torki Altameem
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A generic process for the development and the implementation of IS maturity models
Mina Elmaallam and Abdelaziz Kriouile
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Earthquake Early Warning System Real Time Design Using Total Electron Contentand Geomagnetism with Fuzzy Logic
Dodi Yudo Setyawan and Nisar Zaidal
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Hierarchical modeling impact on states graph generation for the dynamic Priority Time Petri Nets
Adel Mahfoudhi and Walid Karamti
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Automatic English Question Generation System Based on Template Driven Scheme
Hafedh Hussein, Mohammed Elmogy and Shawkat Guirguis
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Spatial-Temporal Outlier Sensing over Trajectory Data Streams
Xian Wu, Chao Huang and Lin Chen
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Classification of Social Blogs Comments Using Text Mining
Adeyemo, Adesesan Barnabas and Ojo, Adebola Kehinde
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The Evolution and Future Scope of Augmented Reality
Charvi Agarwal and Narina Thakur
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A Delay Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Bhaskar Bhuyan and Nityananda Sarma
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Segmentation of Overlapped Region Using Morphological Processing
Vidyadevi G Biradar and Sarojadevi H
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From XML Schema to ODL Schema: Aggregation and Composition Transformation
Bahaj Mohamed, Doha Malki and Ilyas Cherti
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Applying a Web Database Hybrid With Artificial Intelligence Techniques On New Employees
Anhar Khairy Al-Deen
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Estimating Cost Contingency for Highway Construction Projects Using Analytic Hierarchy Processes
Ahmed S. El-Touny, Ahmed H. Ibrahim and Mohamed I. Amer
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A Multi-Agent Systems Engineering for Semantic Search of Reuse Software Components
Nedhal A. Al-Saiyd, Muna F. Al-Samarae and Intisar A. Al-Sayed
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Evaluation of Predictive Data Mining Algorithms in Erythemato-Squamous Disease Diagnosis
Kwetishe Danjuma and Adenike O. Osofisan
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Efficient Energy Routing with connections Rerouting in Elastic Optical Networks Under static connections
Nogbou Georges Anoh, Michel Babri and Tanon Lambert Kadjo
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Comparative study of COBIT with other IT Governance Frameworks
Said Ramlaoui and Alami Semma
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Securing VoIP Systems: A QoS-Oriented Approach
Amor Lazzez
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Improving supply chain management information systems in public administration using a new theory
Hind Lahmidani
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Segmentation of MR Brain Images Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Differential Evolution (DE)
Assas Ouarda
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Quantitative and qualitative analyses of Dimension Reduction Methods effect on the classification of mammographic images
Nezha Hamdi, Sar Haddo Bouazza, Khalid Auhmani and Moha M\'rabet Hassani
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A Comprehensive Analysis of Guided Abstractive Text Summarization
Jagadish S Kallimani, Srinivasa K G and Eswara Reddy B
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A Microcontroller based Door Metal Detector with dual Power Supply, Alarm and LCD display
Elizabeth T. Fabiyi, Kelechi M. Amah and Oluwayemi Fabiyi
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New Cross Layer, Resource Allocation scheme for Delay Sensitive Service in 802.16e and 802.16m
Hadi Dehbovid and Seyed Saleh Ghoreishi Amiri
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LH*TH: New fast Scalable Distributed Data Structures (SDDSs)
Aridj Mohamed
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Development of a Cost-Effective Telemedicine Services for People Affected with Cardio-Vascular Diseases in the Rural Area: A Case Study of Iwo Local Government
Ibrahim Adenuga, Olufemi Akinyede and Omoyele Akinsowon
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Constructing Sierpinski Gasket Using GPUs Arrays
Amira Sallow and Dhuha Albazaz
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Project portfolio selection: Multi-criteria analysis and interactions between projects
Khadija Benaija
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Rough Set Approach to Generate Classification Rules for diabetes
Sujogya Mishra, Shakti Prasad Mohanty and Sateesh Kumar Pradhan
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The Impact of Capability levels on Maturity of Business Intelligence Initiatives
Chuah Min-Hooi
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Predicting Sales In E-commerce Using Bayesian Network Model
Everlyne Nasambu Wamukekhe, Waweru Mwangi and Michael Kimwele
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Revisiting Security Ontologies
Vaishali Singh and Santosh K. Pandey
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A Study on Best Practices for a Successful SharePoint Migration or Up-gradation
L. Abdul Kadhar Sheriff, A. Shameem Fathima and Ashraf Mohammad Badawood
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Applying DeLone and McLean IS success model on socio-techno Knowledge Management System
Alia Sabri
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A Context-based approach for troubleshooting database problems
Hassane Tahir
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Visualization and Reconstruction of Real Medical Image using CUDA and GPGPU
Fajar Agung Nugroho, Erika Devi Udayanti and Candra Irawan
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