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IJCSI Interview Program (IIP)


On 20th October 2012
"I am open-minded person. I get inspired and respect scientists in the world, whether famous or not, who works in favour of humanity and seek to enlighten its living." - An interview with Salah-ddine Krit.

On 20th August 2012
"I recommend open access journals, many researchers are not able to access the content of paid ones. I believe that open access journal is mainly an initiative to explore the research and interest amongst the young researchers." - An interview with Ashish B Sasankar.

On 04th June 2012
"The great beneficiaries of open access publications are mostly users in developing countries, where currently many universities find it difficult to pay for subscriptions fees to access the most recent journals. Thus, I make a humble request to everyone to contribute in open-access proceedings." - An interview with Narender Singh.

On 28th April 2012
"If I have to sum up my life to talk about one successful moment I would never skip mentioning the moment I have been announced as a PHD graduate after years of research and hard-work. What is special about this success is that it is continuous; I still feel it and live it every time I publish a paper." - An interview with Walid Fahs.

On 14th March 2012
"Though, open access and subscription based journal have both got pros and cons, to my mind, it's an open access journal that can make more impact on society and the research community if the quality of publication is maintained." - An interview with Chandrashekhar Padole.

On 22nd January 2012
" be a multidisciplinary scientist adds one extra value, specially when you see yourself in this broadly scientific world and your name together with the names of other scientists." - An interview with Mohammed ALSarem.

On 16th December 2011
"The most interesting thing I have learned in my career is to have the ability to work in group, sharing of knowledge with our and other group members, joint publications will make us one of the best academicians and researchers." - An interview with Venkateswaran Radhakrishnan.

On 26th October 2011
"I have noticed that the repository of IT best practices can combine their strengths to improve a company's business. So I have tried to propose an approach to the implementation of the ITIL processes to cover the entire business enterprise processes." - An interview with Abdelali Himi.

On 02nd September 2011
"Statistically, analysis on requirement engineering has reported that incomplete requirement specification, uncontrolled changing requirement and lack of user inputs are major reasons for software failure." - An interview with Dhirendra Pandey.

On 06th July 2011
"The most interesting thing I have learned is the value of interdisciplinary research." - An interview with Abdelrahman Osman Elfaki.

On 20th May 2011
"Open-access publication changes the dimension of research, especially in those countries where access to papers is not available due to fiscal constraint." - An interview with Saurabh Pal.

On 28th March 2011
"If open-access journals continue to cover the emerging areas then in next few years they will become an important part of research. Yes, I recommend it!" - An interview with Nikhil Raj.

On 20th January 2011
"I recommend open-access publication because it give the authors the maximum possible exposure of their work within the academic community and promotes the sharing of research and ideas to the widest possible audience." - An interview with Seifedine Kadry.

On 22nd November 2010
"I think the most successful moments happen during these classes when you experiment an amazing connection between you and your students. Any professor who really loves to teach has this feeling." - An interview with Constantino Malagon.

On 07th October 2010
"The most interesting thing that I have learned is to conduct collaborative research, including joint publications and proposal writing." - An interview with Natarajan Meghanathan.

On 06th August 2010
"The research advances that will lead to cooperative information systems do not come from any single research area within the field of computer science..." - An interview with Juha Puustjarvi.

On 07th June 2010
" scientists with strong quantitative backgrounds are and will be very useful and precious to the field since the mathematical modeling of cognition and behavior is taking more and more importance.." - An interview with Eric Laurent.

On 28th April 2010
"I do recommend open-access publication, that is why I contribute to the knowledge through the open-access platform." - An interview with Kamran Ahsan.

On 23rd March 2010
"Open-access publication is good for many researchers, especially for those countries where access to papers is not available due to fiscal constraint." - An interview with Md Atiqur Rahman Ahad.

On 07th February 2010
"If the faculty of MIT has unanimously voted to make any publications they produce Open Access, then I'm sure to recommend it!" - An interview with Pascal Fallavollita.

On 04th January 2010
"Be aware! Software architecture domain requires a large computer science culture from design models to specific techniques to implement solutions..." - An interview with Philippe Roose.

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