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An Exclusive Interview with Ashish B. Sasankar from the G. H. Raisoni, Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur, India

"I recommend open access journals, many researchers are not able to access the content of paid ones. I believe that open access journal is mainly an initiative to explore the research and interest amongst the young researchers."

My name is Ashish B. Sasankar from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. I am currently working as an Asst.Professor at the G.H. Raisoni Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur, India in the field of computer science. I had done my M.Tech (Computer Science) from RTMNU, Nagpur. I also completed my M.Phil(Computer Science) from Karaikudi where my research area was Image Mapping and an MCA from Amravati University. Presently I am a PhD researcher at the same university, in the field of Software Engineering. SDLC concepts, data mining, geographical information systems and software testing are my favorite subjects to ponder upon. I started my career as a faculty member in MCA department in 1998 and gradually progressed towards Administrative Head for over 14 years now. My achievements are: Selected in Who's who in the World 2008, and 2009. Selected in Top 100 Educators 2009 from IBC England. Selected for International Educator 2009. Selected in Top 2000 intellectuals of 21st Century in the world from IBC, England. Done more than 30 international certification in GIS software , ethical hacking, e-commerce security and so on.

I have published and presented 10 international and 8 national papers at conferences and various computer science journals. I attended International meetings and symposiums at various universities like JIANGSU China, National University of Singapore(NUS), Amity Singapore. I also arranged and attended AICTE approved FDPs and QIPs. My current research topic for my PhD is "To study efficiency and performance analysis of software process models"

How did you gain interest in Requirements Engineering?
I have chosen this field because Requirements Engineering is a key process to the success of producing high quality software products. Requirements Engineering is a particularly critical stage of the software development process since errors at this stage will inevitably lead to later problems in the software development cycle. Also, statistically, analysis on requirements engineering has reported that incomplete requirement specification, uncontrolled changing requirement and lack of user inputs are major reasons for software failure. Therefore, it is observed that, the performance of requirements engineering is an important issue in software development.

What did you investigate in your last publication?
Software worth billions of dollars have gone wasted in the past due to lack of proper techniques used for developing software resulting into software crisis. Historically , the processes of software development has played an important role in the software engineering field. A number of life cycle models have been developed in last three decades. In my last publication we analyzed the various existing software process models and conducted a comparative study to find the most appropriate model in a particular scenario.

How do you approach research? How long does it take to complete a paper?
As an academician and a researcher, I always prefer to go through all the relevant papers published earlier in the area I am investigating. In this way, I try to get as much ideas as I can to start my own research. Based on my study, I try to get some analytical results that would confirm if whether there is scope for future works. Once I find a problem, I try to write some steps, algorithms and take my own preferred language to test the algorithm with sample data at minimum level. I then compare the results with existing works that I came across during my literature survey. Working seriously and continuously on the proposed approach, review, refine, compare with recent research work and test it to finally reach the targeted goal. After that I used to share/discuss the results with online research forums, and normally a paper is written within a month with the approval of my supervisor.

What topics have you been teaching until now at your the G. H. Raisoni, Institute of Information Technology?
So far I have been teaching several subjects like data structures, computer graphics, software engineering and image processing.

What would be your recommendation(s) and advise to young researchers who would want to pursue research in Software Engineering?
As an academician and researcher, I advise that software engineering plays a key role in the IT industry. There is still a vast scope for genuine research and invention in this field. The IT industry at large is interested to contribute to research to improve the quality of their processes and products. So if you are now jumping in the field, there is not much to worry about.

What is your feeling about open-access publication? Do you recommend it?
I recommend open access journals, many researchers are not able to access the content of paid ones. I believe that open access journal is mainly an initiative to explore the research and interest amongst the young researchers.

In my free time I love to play computer games, cricket and chess with my kids.

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