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An Exclusive Interview with Venkateswaran Radhakrishnan from GR Govindarajulu School of Applied Computer Technology, PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Tamilnadu, India

"The most interesting thing I have learned in my career is to have the ability to work in group, sharing of knowledge with our and other group members, joint publications will make us one of the best academicians and researchers."

I am Venkateswaran Radhakrishnan from Tamilnadu, India. I completed my BSc Computer Science in the Government Arts College, then I received my professional degrees MCA and MBA (Information Systems) from Bharathiar University, India. Then I did my MPhil research degree in the area of network security at the Bharathidasan University, Tamilnadu, India, and I am presently a PhD student at the Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Karpagam University, Tamilnadu, India, in the field of Cryptography and Information Security. I also introduced a new concept called genetic keys with ecipher algorithms for novel information security system. Currently I am working as Assistant Professor of Computer Applications at the GR Govindarajulu School of Applied Computer Technology, PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Tamilnadu.
I started my carrier as trainee programmer in the year 1999, after 4 years I shifted my carrier as faculty member in a college, I had 12 years of teaching experience including rich industry experience in software development and implementation using Microsoft Visual Basic and VC++ , MS.Net and 3 years of research experience. I had participated in many national level conferences and workshops, published six papers in international conferences and seven papers in international refereed journals. My current research interests are in areas of cryptography and network security, information security, software engineering and database management systems.

How did you gain interest in Cryptography and Information Security?
My research interest is in security. Today most digital device users send and receive information through the internet including Corporates, Governments as well as individual users. Still now the security aspect is a very serious issue. During my master degree, I am very much interested in Information Security especially in the area of network security. So I did my research in same area during my MPhil degree and decided to continue with this topic for my PhD. At this time, I wish to thank my supervisor and guide Dr. V. Sundaram, Director at Karpagam College of Engineering, Tamilnadu for his valuable suggestion and new innovative ideas that helped and make me more interested in working towards my research.

What trend do you foresee in Information Security and Cryptography?
The area of Information and Network security is quite common and at the same time is an emerging area in the field of computer applications. Many research scholars are doing their project in security using many online tools and software technology for their algorithm development and implementation using cryptography tools and methods. The most interested areas that I find challenging are information security, mobile security and wireless security.

What did you investigate in your last publication?
My latest article has been accepted for publication in the IJCSI journal, entitled Novel information System model using proposed e-cipher method with combining the features of Cryptic_steganography. In this research work, I investigate the different modern security model with proposed concept e-cipher algorithm combined along with multimedia file audio, video, image and other formats for high data security in Information Security System implemented using online cryptography tools and carried out simulation part with Microsoft VC++ and VB technologies. It shows improved performance compared to other existing model; this paper will help research students to take their course in multimedia based security system.

How do you approach research? How long does it take to complete a paper?
As academician I have gone through all the relevant background information in my areas and in this study we try to get an idea how to start. Which area and where to begin a new research are based on initiative and self interest in research. Then based on my study, I first implement prototypes using some open source tools, find out some analytical results that would confirm if whether there is scope for future work. Once I find a problem, I try myself to write some steps and take my own preferred language to test the algorithm with sample data at minimum level. I then compare the results with existing works that I came across during my literature survey and for which analysis have not been studied before. Working seriously and continuously on the proposed approach, review, refine, compare with recent research work and test it to finally reach the targeted goal. After that I used to share/discuss the results with online research forums, and normally a paper is written within a month with the approval of my supervisor.

What are the most interesting or surprising things you have learned about since your arrival at PSGR Krishnammal College for Women?
The most interesting thing I have learned in my career is to have the ability to work in group, sharing of knowledge with our and other group members, joint publications will make us one of the best academicians and researchers.

What topics have you been teaching until now at PSGR Krishnammal College for Women?
I have taken topics like Advanced Software Engineering and Database Management System; now I am handling the subjects on Information Security and Enterprise Computing with lab activity.

What do you consider your most successful achievement?
The most successful moment was when my article related to my research was published in the leading international refereed journal IJCSI.

What would be your recommendation(s) and advise to young researchers who would want to pursue research in Information Security and Cryptography?
My research work is in the process of final documentation which is in the area of cryptography and information security. What I want to suggest to young research scholars is to try to realize the work (task after task) and not to think of only completing research work as a whole. The latter should be avoided and try to make your own ideas as far as possible, study in depth and then start analyzing the articles and discuss with senior professionals. Get an idea to start and begin your project, and my best wishes.

What are the current research projects you are working on?
The present current project is to design and implement my on-going research work in UNICODE character system for better security than my previous work. The goal of this project is to propose a clear vision and new design of Information Security system based on my basic e-cipher algorithms for hiding the information in multimedia files by combining the features of Unicode character system.

Were you inspired by a famous scientist or engineer?
Yes, by my brother, Mr. P. Sridharan, SF, Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, ISRO, and my supervisor Prof. Dr. V. Sundaram, Director of Department of CA, Karpagam College of Engineering, Tamlinadu, India.
On this great moment, I thank all my friends specially Mr. Karthic G, CEO,, for his technical support in my research.

What is your feeling about open-access publication? Do you recommend it?
Yes, open-access publication plays a major innovative role and creates the major impact in the entire research community. I think open-access publication will lead to a new revolution and also challenging factor for reviewing, indexing and availability of all scientific publications.

Surfing on the Internet, online forum activities and I love to play table tennis and cricket.

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