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On 26th October 2011

An Exclusive Interview with Abdelali Himi from Hassan 1 University, Settat, Morocco

"I have noticed that the repository of IT best practices can combine their strengths to improve a company's business. So I have tried to propose an approach to the implementation of the ITIL processes to cover the entire business enterprise processes."

Graduate of a high school of science computing in 1996 as computer engineer, I supported the study, design and development of several applications. Then I worked as senior project manager. I worked on several projects of IT management. I studied for a Master in Management and later I became interested in management control following a second Masters. I obtained several certificates in IT management : ITIL, ISO27001 implementation, ISO27001 auditor and ISO20000 auditor.

How did you gain interest in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)?
My professional experience in the IT field has been involved in the implementation of ERP, ITIL and information security. I have noticed that the repository of IT best practices can combine their strengths to improve a company's business. So I have tried to propose an approach to the implementation of the ITIL processes to cover the entire business enterprise processes.

What trend do you foresee in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)?
The trend of my research is how to provide a pooled approach to implement business processes while complying with ITIL best practices and security requirements according to the ISO27001 standards. Part of this will involve training Project Managers to be involved in IT implementation projects from the initial concept to the commissioning and hand-over to the client.

What did you investigate in your last publication?
Essentially applying ITIL to benefit the value chain of companies and businesses. Link to paper (Published in July 2011)

How do you approach research? How long does it take to complete a paper?
First, I choose a relevant topic that has connection with my doctrinal thesis, and I start by researching literature corresponding to the key elements. I summarize my findings in a logical and orderly fashion and only then begins to write. This usually takes about a month of full-time work.

What are the most interesting or surprising things you have learned about since your arrival at the Hassan 1 University?
The challenge and the onerous responsibility is finding myself in the position of total responsibility for the implementation of an entirely new operating system, including the integration of all the existing servers and systems to work with the new ones. All this had to be done whilst maintaining an efficient operating system for our clients.

What topics have you been teaching until now at Hassan 1 University?
Essentially the fundamentals of ITIL V3, the implementation of the ISO27001 standard and project management.

What do you consider your most successful achievement?
Other than the successful completion of my current project, I think it was when I received an email from the IJCSI journal, informing me that my article has been accepted for publication.

What would be your recommendation(s) and advise to young researchers who would want to pursue research in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)?
I think it would be to look for original ideas that would create value, both for people and companies.

What are the current research projects you are working on?
Applying ITIL to logistics and supply chain management. That study will require further works, following the acceptance of my first article.

Were you inspired by a famous scientist or engineer?
I am inspired by the philosophy of research that begins with the surprise about a phenomna then proceed to wondering to finally find the answers and solutions.

What is your feeling about open-access publication? Do you recommend it?
'Open Source' is completely changing the IT world. We are no longer tied to the giants (like Microsoft, Apple etc) and IT Engineers now have greater freedom to produce their own tailored solutions' to address companies' specific needs. This will (I think) result in a completely new approach to the education of IT engineers, and especially project managers.

Reading, Chess and Aikido.

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