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IJCSI Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2017
A QoS-aware MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Guoqiang Zheng, Yaru Sun, Bingwu Kang, Huahong Ma, Jishun Li and Yuting Wang
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Memory Limited Trust Public Opinion Evolution Model In Accelerated Growth HK Network
Zhang Jingshan, Ma Baohua, Sun Shibao and Zhang Yanan
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Improved Decoding of linear Block Codes using compact Genetic Algorithms with larger tournament size
Ahlam Berkani, Ahmed Azouaoui, Mostafa Belkasmi and Bouchaib Aylaj
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Real time monitoring of proportional myo-control by antagonist co-activation
Abdelali Laamarti, Abdelhakim Lakhdar, Omar Battas, Imane Kermadi and Mohammed Abdoh Rafai
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Development of Robust-Secure Data Hiding Technique for Color Images
M.A. Mohamed, M.E.A. Abou-Elseoud and Islam .M. Ibrahim
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A Study on the Conversion of VRML to X3D In A Highly Complex and Detailed Web3D World
Mursid W. Hananto and Ahmad Ashari
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Preprocessing MRI Images of Colorectal Cancer
Srivaramangai R, Prakash Hiremath and Ajay S Patil
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Mitigating Evil Twin Attacks in Wireless 802.11 Networks at Jordan
Sinan Ameen Noman, Malik Qasaimeh, Raad Al-Qassas and Haitham Ameen Noman
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Investigating the uniqueness of Singular Values for image recognition
Nesreen Nusair and Mohd Belal Al-Zoubi
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Proposed ZAH_BAU filter for RGB color image enhancement
Ashraf Abdel-Karim Abu-Ein and Ziad A. Alqadi
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Biterm for spam filtering in short message service text
Richard Omolo Midigo, Waweru Mwangi and George Onyango Okeyo
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Improving Access to Radiology Health Care Services in Rural Areas of Developing Nations through a Secure Web Based Teleradiology Steganographic Method
Gabriel Kamau, Wilson Cheruiyot and Waweru Mwangi
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Parallel and Scalable Map Reduce and Pipeline Tree Classifiers for Massive Dataset Using Map Reduce and Data Flow Pipeline
A. M. James Raj, J. Prema, P. Xavier and F. Sagayaraj Francis
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Towards a new process-centric approach of social mediation management in Morocco
Yousaf Khiat, Hassan Nachifa and Mohammed Ftouhi
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Net Neutrality and scenarios of Internet Pricing
Maloba Mbuya Firmin
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The effect of N-gram indexing on Arabic documents retrieval
Emad Fawzi Al-Shalabi
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Steganography Based on Local Binary Pattern and Discrete Wavelet transformation
Anuradha Singhal
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