Friday 19th of January 2018

Memory Limited Trust Public Opinion Evolution Model In Accelerated Growth HK Network

Zhang Jingshan, Ma Baohua, Sun Shibao and Zhang Yanan

To research the influence of individual subjectivity for opinion evolution, improved classical bounded confidence model, introduced firmness degree, trust degree and memory length, proposed a new method for measuring the influence among individuals. In consideration of the accelerated growth characteristics of real networks, established a network public opinion evolution model with memory mechanism based on accelerated growth HK network; studied the influence of trust threshold and memory length on public opinion evolution. The results show that, the value of trust threshold is inversely proportional to the final number of opinion clusters; memory length is proportional to the time of group opinions convergence.

Keywords: Network opinion, Accelerated growth, Memory, limitary

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Zhang Jingshan
Zhang Jingshan, is a Master of Computing Technology, Student. With interest in complex networks, network public opinion.

Ma Baohua
Ma Baohua, is a Master of Computing Technology, the main research areas are computer network, network public opinion.

Sun Shibao
Sun Shibao, postdoctoral, Professor, graduate tutor, the main research direction computer networks, digital image processing, etc.

Zhang Yanan
Zhang Yanan, is a Master of Computing Technology, Student. With interest in network public opinion, digital image processing.

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