Friday 19th of January 2018

Preprocessing MRI Images of Colorectal Cancer

Srivaramangai R, Prakash Hiremath and Ajay S Patil

The precision cancer diagnosis is possible owing to the sophisticated technologies based digital image processing tools. Among the various imaging modalities, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is of paramount interest, especially for colorectal cancer imaging. Despite the fact that MRI is a superior technology, an MRI image does contain artifacts and distorted signals. Numerous algorithms and approaches have been studied and implemented for various cancer diagnostics. Yet, more augmented techniques need to be developed, since the study is complex and needs a maximum possible accuracy of detection. In this paper, the research work focuses on the various preprocessing techniques such as noise removal techniques and image enhancement techniques. These methods are analyzed for their performance using statistical parameters and the optimal method is determined for generating a noise-free edge-sharp intensity enhanced MRI images of colon and rectum cancer, paving for precision diagnosis. The experimental results are analyzed in terms of various image quality metrics.

Keywords: Preprocessing, colorectal cancer, contrast enhancement, sharpening, denoising, filtering, image quality metrics.

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Srivaramangai R
Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098, India

Prakash Hiremath
Retired Professor of Gulbarga University, Karnataka. Currently honourary profressor at Department of Computer Science, KLE Technological University Hubli, Karnataka 580031, India

Ajay S Patil
Associate Professor and PhD Guide at North Maharashtra University.

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