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IJCSI Volume 14, Issue 3, May 2017
Localization to Bidirectional Languages for a Visual Programming Environment on Smartphones
Aiman M. Ayyal Awwad
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Improvement of Border Gateway Protocol Against Failure on Autonomous Systems
Nasser Solayman, Ayman El-Sayed and Mohammed Badawy
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Fuzzy Expert System of Dental and Oral Disease with Certainty Factor
I Gede Billy Ambara Putra, I Ketut Gede Darma Putra and Ni Kadek Dwi Rusjayanthi
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The Control of Information Technology in the Moroccan Parliament
Malik Motii, Alami Semma and Youssef Ait Houaich
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A Study On Unsupervised IDS Techniques
Ujjwal Bhangale, Manthan Agrawal, Avadh Agrawal and Krushna Darade
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Towards a new approach to pooling COBIT 5 and ITIL V3 with ISO/IEC 27002 for better use of ITG in the Moroccan parliament
Malik Motii and Alami Semma
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Reliability Analysis of Modified Irregular Augmented Shuffle Exchange Network (MIASEN)
Shobha Arya and Nipur Singh
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New Model to Achieve Software Quality Assurance in E-Learning Application
Fatima Mustafa Hassan A Min and Nadir Kamal Salih
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The Security Screening Process Optimization based on Cellular Automatan Model
Zi-Hui Zhang, Hui-Nan Zhu, Gang He and Xiu-Fen Wan
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A New Index for Evaluating Academic Performance: Hos - index
Handan Ankarali, Ozge Pasin and Seyit Ankarali
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Engineering Drawing Teaching Exploration and Reformation in Xinxiang Medical University
Zhu Yongtao, He Xinyu, Lou Yuancang, Wang Jiao, Zhao Fang and Ren Wu
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Legal requirements process for compliance and risk assessment using axiomatic design
Rhythm Wadhwa
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Study on Performance Analysis of HQAM for DCT and DWT Based Compressed Image Transmission over AWGN Channel
Rezaul Karim, Shahela Pervin, Umme Moon Ima and Md. Khaliluzzaman
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State of the art of Trust and Reputation Systems in E-Commerce Context
Hasnae Rahimi and Hanan El Bakkali
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Risk Assessment for Maritime Safety: A brief research review
Rhythm Wadhwa
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The L(2,1)-Labelings on the Homomorphic Product of two Graphs
Anuj Kumar and P. Pradhan
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