Sunday 25th of February 2018

Engineering Drawing Teaching Exploration and Reformation in Xinxiang Medical University

Zhu Yongtao, He Xinyu, Lou Yuancang, Wang Jiao, Zhao Fang and Ren Wu

Engineering drawing is a technology course of engineering students. The main content of it is how to get the accurate relationship between objects and drawings. The Engineering Drawing course was set for biomedical engineering, bio-engineering and pharmacy profession students now in xinxiang medical university. After our investigation it is found that engineering students in medical schools are lack of the interest in engineering courses. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out teaching exploration and reform of engineering drawing course to continuously improve the teaching quality of this course and the students interest. Aiming at teaching status and learning content, the exploration of teaching methods has been put forward. In this exploration the combination of theory and practice has been executed. Next, based on theoretical teaching the computer drawing software will be used as a tool in the reform of engineering drawing course.

Keywords: Engineering drawing; Teaching exploration; Reformation; Computer software

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Zhu Yongtao
xinxiang medical university

He Xinyu
xinxiang medical university

Lou Yuancang
xinxiang medical university

Wang Jiao
xinxiang medical university

Zhao Fang
xinxiang medical university

Ren Wu
xinxiang medical university

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