Friday 23rd of February 2018

The Implementation of Univariate and Bivariate B-Spline Interpolation Method in Continuous

Dian Pratiwi

There are various ways of estimating an unknown value between intervals, one of which is to apply the interpolation method. In this study, the interpolation method is implemented to find the value of new points in making the curve and B-Spline surface from several the control points that are known. In making the curve, interpolation is used in conjunction with the Bernstein polynomial basis in finding the value of basis with one parameter (u), which then produce a polynomial function y = f(u) of 3 degree. This function is then used to search for new dots around 4 pieces of control points is given. While on the surface creation, interpolation is used in conjunction with Cox de Boor algorithm to find the value of basis with two parameters (u, v) and the knot vectors between 0 and 1, which was also subsequently produced a polynomial function y = f(u, v) of 3 degree. This function is then used to get the knot points between segments are formed by 16 pieces of control points is given. Overall the result of this study, both the curve and B-Spline surface, the interpolation method worked quite well in generating the new points, due to the curvature of curve and B-Spline surface are formed very smooth

Keywords: Bernstein Polynomial, Cox de Boor, B-Spline, Knot Vector, Interpolation

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Dian Pratiwi
The author was born in Jakarta – Indonesia on February 25, 1986. The last education is The Master of Information Technology achieved in 2011 at The University of Bina Nusantara, Jakarta – Indonesia with a GPA of 3,66. Her bachelor achieved at Trisakti University, Jakarta – Indonesia with the title of “Very Satisfied” and was awarded as “One of The 7 Best Graduate Department of Information Engineering” in 2007. Now, the author worked as a lecturer at Trisakti University also taught courses in image processing, mobile programming, web based programming, and computer graphics began in 2008 until now. Some writings ever made that has been published is entitled “An Application of Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network Method for Measuring The Severity of Osteoarthritis”, which in 2011 published in the journal IJENS – IJET. In the journal IJCSI (Vol.9, Issue 3 No.2, May 2012), the author also made published with the title “The Use of Self Organizing Map Method and Feature Selection in Image Database Classification System”. In addition, the author also wrote another article which successfully published nationally in Indonesia at the SNTI seminar : (Jakarta, Indonesia : Trisakti University, 2010) with the title “Sistem Deteksi Penyakit Pengeroposan Tulang dengan Metode Jaringan Syaraf Tiruan Backpropagation dan Representasi Ciri dalam Ruang Eigen” and SITIA seminar (Surabaya, Indonesia : Institute of Ten November Technology – ITS, 2011) entitled “Penerapan Metode Jaringan Syaraf Tiruan Backpropagation dalam Mengukur Tingkat Keparahan Penyakit Osteoarthritis” which results in the proceedings. Now, she keep trying to develop her research on the medical by trying to apply her research interests are in Artificial Intelligence, digital image processing, and data mining.

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