Friday 23rd of February 2018

Structural Fatigue Reliability Based on Extension of Random Loads into Interval Variables

Qiangfeng Wang, Jianjun Li and Shengli Zhang

According to the problem that for a structure under random loads, the structural fatigue life cant be directly calculated out by S-N curves and linear Miner cumulative damage rule. Owing to the uncertainty of loads, and the problem of the inaccuracy of calculated structural reliability index for the existence of deviation between measured data in projects and real data, the research method for structural fatigue reliability based on extension of random loads into interval variables is proposed. The innovation is that we can accurately calculate out the interval of the structural fatigue life and reliability index of a structure according to the probability density function of stress level of random loads and the coefficient of variation of measured loads. By practical calculation example, it is proved that this method is more suitable to practical engineering comparing to traditional methods. It will provide a perfect research approach for reliability analysis of the structure under random loads.

Keywords: Random load, Structural reliability analysis, Fatigue life; Interval analysis, Rayleigh distribution

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Qiangfeng Wang
Electromechanical, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Jianjun Li
Luoyang Opto-Electro Technology Development Center, Luoyang, China

Shengli Zhang
Luoyang Opto-Electro Technology Development Center, Luoyang, China

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