Friday 23rd of February 2018

Formal Validation for Software Modeling

Baojun Tian and Yanlin Gu

Currently,modeling for software is mostly semiformal, such as UML(Unified Modeling Language).The main problem is difficult to analyze semantics and verify correctness for a vital system.CPN(Colored Petri Net)as modeling and verification method provides formal semantics and a number of analysis techniques and tools.This paper presents an approach of formal modeling and validation for software process, which transforms UML models based on RUP(Rational Unified Process) to CPN,and uses CPN tools to investigate the behaviour of modelled system.

Keywords: Modeling, CPN, Formal, UML

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Baojun Tian
College of Information Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology,Huhhot, Inner Mongolia,010080, China

Yanlin Gu
Vocational College, Inner Mongolia University of Finance and Economics

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