Friday 23rd of February 2018

Cognitive Sensor Techniques to Face Security Challenges in CWSN

Isra Sitan Mohammed Al-Qasrawi

Cognitive radio has emerged as the key technology to address efficient spectrum utilization challenge according to the increasing demand for wireless communication. Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks (CWSNs) are introduced to use Dynamic spectrum access (DSA) to effectively face coexistence issues in overcrowded environments. Features existed in CWSNs make security really interesting and needs to be well-studied. In this paper, we introduce the main security challenges of CWSN and propose a new cognitive sensor system paradigm with many techniques which proved their efficiency separately to face the key challenges and threats on CWSN, especially the security aspects.

Keywords: Cognitive Radio, Wireless Sensor Network, Efficient Spectrum Utilization, Primary User Emulation, Random Key Pre-distribution.

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Isra Sitan Mohammed Al-Qasrawi
Department of Information Technology, AL-Huson University College, Irbid, Jordan

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