Friday 23rd of February 2018

Application of optimal control theory to an SEIR model with immigration of infectives

Elhia Mohamed

Optimal control theory is applied to an SEIR model that includes a constant inflow of infective immigrants. Seeking to reduce the latent and infectious groups, we use two controls representing the effort that reduces the contact between the infectious and susceptible individuals, and a therapeutic treatment. The objective function is based on a combination of minimizing the number latent and infected individuals and the cost. The optimal controls are obtained by solving the optimality system. The results were analyzed and interpreted numerically using MATLAB.

Keywords: Optimal control, SEIR model, Immigration, Pontryagin\'s maximum principle.

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Elhia Mohamed
ELHIA MOHAMED is currently working on the epidemiological modelling, control and analysis. He has published papers in AMS and IJCSI journal.

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