Thursday 18th of January 2018

Web Usage Mining: Data Preprocessing and Multi Level analysis on Moodle

Nawal Sael, Abdelaziz Marzak and Hicham Behja

This research illustrates the potential of Web Usage Mining on e- Learning domain. We use educational data mining techniques to analyze learners behavior, to help in learning evaluation and to enhance the structure of a given course. We focus on the preprocessing task which is considered as the most crucial phase in the whole process. Our objective is to develop a data preprocessing method applied to Moodle logs based on SCORM content structure. In earlier works, we proposed a preprocessing tool to implement these new methods and present the first discovered knowledge. In this research, we define new static variables according to the SCORM content tree and we apply more statistics and visualization techniques. In addition, we present multidimensional graphics in order to understand users accesses. These aggregated variables provide to teachers and tutors interesting knowledge about students learning process according to different levels of content accessed

Keywords: Educational data mining, Web Usage Mining, Preprocessing, Moodle, SCORM, learning process.

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Nawal Sael
received the engineer degree in software engineering from ENSIAS, Morocco, in 2002, and her DESA (M. Sc.) in education engineering and technology from Hassan II- Mohamedia University, Casablanca, in 2006. Currently, she is preparing her Ph.D in computer Science in faculty of Science Ben Mísik. Her research interests e-learning platform, data mining.

Abdelaziz Marzak
is a Professor at faculty of science Ben mísik (Casablanca, Morocco). He received his doctorate diploma from ENSIAS, Rabat, in 2000, and his HDR degree in Computer Science, from Hassan II- Mohammedia University. His research interests include Unified Modeling language, KDD, e-learning, data mining.

Hicham Behja
is a Professor at ENSAM School, Meknès, Morocco. He received Doctorate of 3rd Cycle (1997) degrees in Computer Science, both from the University Mohamed V of Rabat. He has received his doctorate diploma (2007) in Computer Science from University of Hassan II - Mohammedia. His research interests include Unified Modeling language, KDD, e-learning, data preprocessing techniques, data mining.

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