Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Variance Based Scheduling Algorithm with Relay Selectionand Resource Allocation in Cooperative OFDMANetworks

Basly Maryam, Hedia Kochkar and Ammar Bouallegue

Nowadays the radio interface of several standards is enhanced with advanced technologies such as OFDMA and extension technology such as relay. By using those promising transmission technology for the next generation wireless communications, scheduling problem becomes more crucial and challenging. In our work, we aim to maximize the overall system capacity while selecting the most suitable relay station under fairness constraint among both users and relay station by proposing a Gap- based scheduling. This one considers the channel state information and the unbalanced rate capacity of the two hops links. Simulations results show the effectiveness of our approach in terms of fairness and the overall system performance.

Keywords: scheduling, OFDMA, Fairness, Relay station

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Basly Maryam
PhD Student

Hedia Kochkar

Ammar Bouallegue

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