Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Two-terminal Fault Location Method Based on the Lines Converted Midpoint and HHT

Yutian Wang, Huixin Wang, Shuqing Zhang and Hanlu Shangguan

Aiming at the problems of travelling waves speed velocity discontinuity problems in the hybrid transmission line composed by cables and overhead lines, a new method of two-terminal fault location based on the converted midpoint of the transmission line and HHT is presented in this paper. First, the hybrid transmission line was reduced to a single parameter line to get the midpoint of the line. Then, the HHT (Hilbert- Huang Transform) was used to detect the travelling waves heads. The search direction of the fault was calculated according to the time difference between two measurement endpoints from travelling wave of the fault point. The point when travelling waves moved /2 from the converted midpoint along the search direction was the fault point. The simulation results by ATP and Matlab show that this method is correct and accurate.

Keywords: Error fault location, Travelling wave, two-terminal location, converted midpoint, HHT

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Yutian Wang
Yanshan University And Hebei Vocational & Technical College of Building Materials

Huixin Wang
Yanshan University

Shuqing Zhang
Yanshan University

Hanlu Shangguan
Yanshan University

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