Monday 19th of February 2018

Tracking Document of Disposition Letter by Using Mobile Agents on Distributed Information System

Muhammad Hasbi

Nowadays, the information system on the document processing has not much used the artificial intelligence technology. The existing system is still much using the hands of human as its operator or as its user. This research proposes an anonymous model by using mobile agent system approach to support the searching process of disposision letter in the information system. The process of the agent communication uses Agent Comnunication Language (ACL) message and ontology. This system uses relational data base. This research is aimed at creating a model of file tracking by using mobile agent system technology which is applicable in the institutions information system. The application of the mobile agent system which is autonomous is used to search the document files in the institutions distributed information system and this has been simulated.

Keywords: Keywords: tracking, letter of disposition, mobile agent, relational database, ontology.

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Muhammad Hasbi
Teguh Susyanto Kumaratih Sandradewi

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