Tuesday 16th of January 2018

The Research on Search Algorithms in the Machine Learning

Hui Liu and Yonghui Cao

Machine learning is the estimation of the topology (links) of the network, it can be achieved by utilizing a search algorithm through the possible network structures, because it is finding the best network that fits the available data and is optimally complex. In this paper, a greater importance is given to the search algorithm because we have assumed that the data will be complete. We focus on Two search algorithms are introduced to learn the structure of a Bayesian network in the paper. The heuristic search algorithm is simple and explores a limited number of network structures. On the other hand, the exhaustive search algorithm is complex and explores many possible network structures.

Keywords: Structural learning, Search Algorithms, Heuristic Search, Exhaustive Search

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Hui Liu
School of Computer and Information Technology, Henan Normal University,

Yonghui Cao
School of Economics & Management, Henan Institute of Science and Technology

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