Sunday 21st of January 2018

Simulation of Efficient Real-time Scheduling and Power Optimization

Rym Cheour, Urunuela Richard, Yvon Trinquet and Mohamed Abid

Sophisticated applications turn out to be executed upon more than one CPU for practical and economic reasons. Due to advances in circuit technology and performance limitation, multi-core technology has become the mainstream in CPU designs. However, the most serious limitation of these devices is the battery lifetime since battery technology is not keeping up with the rest of the power-hungry processors and peripherals used in todays mobile devices. As a solution, many investigations have turned toward the algorithms of power management combined with some scheduling policies. They can make significant energy saving while preserving the temporal constraints of these embedded systems. Reducing energy, especially, affect not only the battery lifetime, but also aim to reduce the heat generated by real-time embedded controller in various products or even to decrease the conditions of cooling and the costs, in the large scale, of giant multiprocessor computers. To assess the behavior and performance of the strategy of scheduling a flexible multiprocessor scheduling simulation and evaluation platform is needed. This paper puts forth the claim that the STORM simulator improves application quality both in terms of execution time and energy consumption for a high performance mobile computing embedded system design.

Keywords: Scheduling, Power management, DVFS, DPM, simulation, EDF.

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Rym Cheour
Rym Cheour received the Engineering and M.S. degrees from the National School of Engineers of Sfax, Tunisia in 2008 and 2009, respectively. She is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree in Department of Computer Science at National Engineering School of Sfax, Sfax, Tunisia. Her research interests include Real Time scheduling, power management and wireless sensor networks

Urunuela Richard
Urunuela Richard is a research engineer of the IRCCyN laboratory in the ”Real-Time Systems” group. Since 2003 he is interested in the design of real-time systems and more particularly: operating systems, power management for such systems, and real-time scheduling. At present, he is in charge of the implementation of STORM, a Simulation TOol for Real time Multiprocessor scheduling. He is also focusing on the development of engineering tools for helping to the design of power management policies. Previously he worked around scheduling and power management in the OBASCO research group at the Ecole des Mines of Nantes.

Yvon Trinquet
Yvon Trinquet is professor at the University of Nantes (Electrical Engineering department). He was leader of the Real-Time Systems team of IRCCyN laboratory since 1995 until 2012. His research focuses on real-time systems, especially real-time scheduling and simulation.

Mohamed Abid
Mohamed Abid received the Ph.D. degree from the National Institute of Applicated Sciences, Toulouse (France) in 1989 and the ‘‘thèse d’état” degree from the National School of Engineering of Tunis (Tunisia) 2000 in the area of Computer Engineering and Microelectronics. He is working now as Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at National School ofEngineering of Sfax (Tunisia). Currently he is founding member and responsible of doctoral degree ‘‘Computer System Engineering” at ENIS since 2003. In 1992, he was founding responsible of Electronic Systems Synthesis Group at Laboratory of Electronic and Micro-Electronic in Sciences Faculty in Monastir (Tunisia). Since 2000 he is founding member of System on Chip at Computer, Electronic and Smart engineering system Laboratory at National School of Engineering of in Sfax (Tunisia). Since 2005, he has occupied the director position of the laboratory. His current research interests include: hardware–software co-design, System on Chip, Reconfigurable System, and Embedded System, etc. He has also been investigating the design and implementation issues of FPGA embedded systems. He is served also as Guest professor at several international universities and is served as a Consultant to Research & Development in Telnet Incorporation.

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