Sunday 17th of December 2017

Service oriented Enterprise Architecture Frameworks Review for Information System Management of Collaboration networks

Abir Elmir, Badr Elmir and Bouchaib Bounabat

New business collaboration networks use service oriented enterprise architecture to manage their inter-organizational information systems. Coupling Service orientation with enterprise architecture paradigm is very important at improving organizational performance through business process optimization. Also, system architecture promotes synergy and business efficiency for inter-organizational collaboration. The present paper provides a systematic review of existing service oriented enterprise architecture frameworks used by collaboration networks. This review, enumerates integrative and collaborative frameworks for integrated service delivery

Keywords: Business Collaboration network, Inter organizational Information system, Service orientation, Enterprise architecture framework

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Abir Elmir
“Ph.D. candidate” at ENSIAS (National Higher School for Computer Science and System analysis) Rabat, holder of a master degree from ENIM Rabat and a mastere diploma from INSA Lyon France (2011). Her research focuses on multi objective optimization and optimal control of information system quality within collaborative networks. She is an integration architect on a private Financial Holding (Banking, Insurance). She also runs the Solutions support activity of this holding

Badr Elmir
He received a Ph.D. degree (2012), an Extended Higher Studies Diploma (2006) and a Software engineer degree (2002) from ENSIAS, (National Higher School for Computer Science and System analysis), Rabat. His research currently focuses on interoperability optimization on public administration. He is an integration architect on the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Morocco since 2002. He also oversees information system quality assurance activity in this department.

Bouchaib Bounabat
Ph.D. in Computer Sciences. Professor in ENSIAS, (National Higher School for Computer Science and System analysis), Rabat, Morocco. International Expert in ICT Strategies and E-Government to several international organizations, Member of the board of Internet Society - Moroccan Chapter.

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