Friday 23rd of February 2018

RPAR: Pharaonis approach based Reserve Path Adaptive Routing Topology for handling QoS constraints in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Shaik Jaffar and M.V.Subramanyam

Abstract: Specially structured and independent nodes are the special the of Ad hoc. To exchange data, Nodes always use a medium which is wireless due to that, message or data can be transferred only when both are in broadcast range. The difficult behavior which needs no efforts is the result of biologically motivated pharaonis method. In spite of having limited knowledge and by following basic rules that were understood from surroundings, universally accepted activities like finding shortest route can be seen when individuals work as groups. With respect to this, our earlier proposal was the pharaonis approach called swarm intelligence based conditional broadcasting (SIBCAST) in mobile ad hoc networks. As per the motivation gained from our earlier work SIBCAST, here we propose another paper on Pharaonis approach based Reserve Path Adaptive Routing (RPAR) topology. The basic objective of this work is to handling the QoS constraints. We are using the earlier proposal algorithm that was inspired by biologically inspired pharaonis approach to obtain these characteristics, with the help of different analysis tests we will prove that this is the best choice when there are different situations.

Keywords: Keywords: Mobile ad hoc Networks, Pharaonis intelligence, swarm optimization, proactive and reactive routing, SIBCast, Reserve Path routing.

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Shaik Jaffar
S.JAFFAR M.Tech, M.I.E, M.I.S.T.E ( Ph.D) Currently working as Associate Professor Head of ECE Department at MADINA ENGINEERING COLLEGE KADAPA YSR DISTRICT KADAPA , A.P

Dr.M.V.Subramanyam received his B.E degree in 1989, M. Tech degree in 1997 and PhD degree in 2007. Presently he is working as a ‘Principal’ and ‘Professor’ of ‘Electronics and Communication Engineering’ department of Santhi Ram Engineering College, Nandyal, Kurnool district, Andhra pradesh, India. He is having more than 23 years of teaching experience. His areas of interest are Adhoc Networks, Computer Networks, Advanced Communications, Signal Processing, Image processing, Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers. He has published more than 40 papers in national and international, conferences and international journals. He is a life member of ISTE, IEEE, IETE, IEI and KDTFM.

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