Friday 23rd of February 2018

Preliminary Identification of Performance-Oriented Competences for Undergraduates Entrepreneurial Education via Information Communication Technology (ICT) for Wealth Creation in Enugu State, Nigeria

Michael Eskay, Ezegbe Nkiruka, Anyanwu Joy and Ikwumelu Sn

This study sought to find out from the perceptions of the undergraduate students, the ICT and Entrepreneurial Competences needed for wealth creation. The study was carried out in Enugu State of Nigeria. The population of the study comprised of approximately 3000 final year students of University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN )and Enugu State University of Technology Enugu (ESUT).Two hundred students was purposively sampled from the two schools, 100 from each school. Questionnaire was used to collect data. The instrument was validated by two lecturers in the Department of Social science Education, UNN. Data was analyzed using a modified four point rating scale of Strongly Agree (4points), Agree (3points), Disagree (2points) and Strongly Disagree (1point). Mean was used to answer the two research questions. The bench mark for the acceptable value is from 2.50 and above. The major findings of the study revealed that almost all the identified entrepreneurial competences were perceived by the respondents as the competences for wealth creation, while all the identified ICT competencies were accepted for entrepreneurial empowerment. Based on the findings of the study the following conclusion and recommendations among others were drawn. School Administrators should try to organize workshops intermittently, inviting resource persons who are experts in different field of study to acquaint the students with practical skills that will help them to be functional in a specific area of interest.

Keywords: ICT, Education, Entrepreneurial Competences, Special Education

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Michael Eskay

Ezegbe Nkiruka

Anyanwu Joy

Ikwumelu Sn
Ebonyi State University

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