Friday 23rd of February 2018

Multi-data embedding in to RGB Image with using SVD method

El Gorfte Zineb, Noureddine Cherkaoui Eddeqaqi, Abdenbi Bouzid and Ahmad.Roukh

Abstract Owing to the rapid of the communication and multimedia technology, documents are distributed through the internet simpler than before, but at the same time, these Advantages can also be used by pirates. The concept of digital watermarking is associated with data- hiding technique known Steganography. This mechanism of leading insertion should respect two conditions at least: mark must be indiscernible; the human eye should not differentiate between a not marked and marked image; the watermark should resist any voluntary or involuntary changes. Extraction should be also blind: to extract mark they dont need original picture. Many watermarking algorithms in the #64257;eld DCT, wavelet and CDMA have been proposed seeking to optimize a compromise imperceptibility / robustness. Many recent techniques of watermarking are inspired by usual methods of coding and compression. The singular value decomposition (SVD) is one example. In this paper, we present the most recent method of SVD algorithm applied in color image; this blind method is based on embedding different data into the matrix of singular values. The results show that this method is robust against JPEG compression, color reduction (GIF) and the spreading of histogram.

Keywords: Watermarking, robustness, singular value decomposition.

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El Gorfte Zineb
Moulay Isamail University

Noureddine Cherkaoui Eddeqaqi
Moulay Isamail University

Abdenbi Bouzid
Moulay Isamail University

Moulay Isamail University

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