Monday 19th of February 2018

Morphological Analyzer of Arabic Words Using the Surface Pattern

Said Iazzi, Abdellah Yousfi, Mostafa Bellafkih and Driss Aboutajdine

The present article introduces a system for the morphological analysis of the Arabic language. The system is based on the surface patterns of Arabic words. Our work in this article purports to deal with Arabic derived nouns. It is based mainly on the building of a database for the surface patterns of the latter. In order to deal with Arabic derived nouns, the article is also based on a previous study by [19] for the analysis of Arabic verbs. Our approach was tested against a corpus of 2400 Arabic words (400 verbs and 2000 derived nouns), the obtained results are very interesting and show the utility and importance of this approach.

Keywords: ATNL, Arabic Derived Nouns, Surface Pattern of Words, Morphological Analysis, Degree of Similarity.

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Said Iazzi
Laboratory GSCM-LRIT, FS, Agdal-Rabat, Maroc

Abdellah Yousfi
Team ERADIASS, FSJES, Souissi-Rabat, Maroc

Mostafa Bellafkih
inpt rabat maroc

Driss Aboutajdine

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