Sunday 21st of January 2018

Image Segmentation using High Resolution Multispectral Satellite Imagery implemented by FCM Clustering Techniques

Capt. S Santhosh Baboo and S Thirunavukkarasu

Satellite Image segmentation has a most important role to play in the field of remote sensing imaging, for effectively detecting the Surface of the Earth. However more satellite image segmentation techniques are available. This paper work presents an image segmentation based on color feature with unsupervised FCM Algorithm, which yields better results. The entire work is divided into two stages, first one to enhance the color separation of satellite imagery using color transformation. Another step to process the regions is grouped into a set of FCM clustering algorithm. Finally, the performance of the proposed scheme is calculated visually and quantitatively. The results show that the proposed method can be used for segmentation and also enhances the future research with the image quality for imagery

Keywords: FCM, Remote Sensing, Cluster, Pixels, Imagery, Segmentation

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Capt. S Santhosh Baboo
Associate Professor

S Thirunavukkarasu
Research Scholar

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