Friday 23rd of February 2018

Exploration of Success Factors of Information System

Bikram Pal Kaur

In current decades, the organization is highly effected by the successful implementation of Information system (IS). In today\'s business there are also no boundaries and hence the joint venture between customers and challengers are usual. IS provides increased competitiveness and flexibility to business. It also affects the trade relationships in the market. Whenever IS is properly implemented ,it facilitates business redesigning process, supports an organization to offer good products, and services. It also enables organizations to participate in new advertising programmes and initiate operational effectiveness. However the better performance of the organization depends upon the successful implementation of IS. Therefore the objective of this paper is to review the success factors of Information system on the basis of literature survey and proposing the new model for the critical success factors for the Information Systems in an organization.

Keywords: Information System,Critical Success Factors,IS Model, ERP,IS Life Cycle.

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Bikram Pal Kaur
Ph.D Scholar

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