Monday 19th of February 2018

EOE-DRTSA: End-to-End Distributed Real-time System Scheduling Algorithm

Dhuha Basheer Abdullah and Amira Bibo Sallow

In this paper we consider scheduling dependent threads in distributed real-time system. We present a distributed real-time scheduling algorithm called (EOE-DRTSA (end-to-end distributed real time system Scheduling algorithm)). Now a day completed real-time systems are distributed. One of least developed areas of real-time scheduling is distributed scheduling where in Distributed systems action and information timeliness is often end-to-end. Designers and users of distributed systems often need to dependably reason about end-to-end timeliness. Our scheduling model includes threads and their time constraints depend on DTUF value and maintaining end-to-end prosperities of distributed real-time system.

Keywords: Collaborative scheduling, end-to-end constraints, RMI java, Real-time Distributed system, Real-time scheduling algorithm, Time/utility function, DTUF

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Dhuha Basheer Abdullah
Head of Computer Sciences/College of Computer Sciences and Mathemetics / University of Mosul

Amira Bibo Sallow
Amira Bibo Sallow is a Phd. student in Computer Sciences Department, College of Computers and Mathematics, University of Mosul. She interest with networks, Databases, and operating system subjects.

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