Sunday 21st of January 2018

Dynamic Forensics Model based on Ontology and Context Information

Baoxian Jia and Weiqiang Yang

The existing Forensics model already could not satisfy the need of the computer forensics. Key technology which can implement Forensics Model was studied in this paper. Honeypot forensics, IDS, Ontology technologies were combined effectively in order to obtain forensics data beforehand. A complete dynamic forensics system which can replay computer crime was designed. Non-repeated varying probability packet marking scheme was proposed. The paper proposed dynamic forensics model based on ontology and context information. Dynamic forensics will inevitably produce large amounts of disorganized data having many drawbacks such as non-uniform format, so the paper proposed the high-precision data mining model based on ontology. The efficiency and accuracy of spam filtering are improved.

Keywords: Computer Crime, Computer Forensics , Dynamic Forensics Model, Honey-pot, Ontology, Intrusion Detection; Context Information.

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Baoxian Jia
Liaocheng University

Weiqiang Yang
Liaocheng Wenxuan High school

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