Friday 23rd of February 2018

Distributed and clustering techniques for Multiprocessor Systems

Elsayed A. Sallam

The Distributed Clustering area aims to solve several problems that currently limit the scalability of network resources. While,clustering methods determine relationships among the objects, and allow the termination of similar groups of objects. The goal of this paper is to partition the network into such a set of clusters, which have observed similar phenomena. This paper presents the results of an experimental study of some comparisons clustering techniques: K-means, and Hybrid Hierarchical-Kmeans

Keywords: K-means, cluster algorithms, Distributed systems,

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Elsayed A. Sallam
Associate.Prof. Dr.Eng. Elsayed Sallam Head of Computers & Automatic Control Dept Faculty of Engineering, TANTA University, Tanta, Egypt, CIO of Tanta University , , , Tel.+20403453861, +2040-3453309 ,ext.350 Fax+20403453860, +2040-3450532 ,mob.+201272503682

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