Sunday 21st of January 2018

Cryptosystem Algorithm Based on Chaotic Systems for Encrypting Colored Images

Osama M. Abu Zaid

In this paper, a cryptosystem algorithm based on Chen's and Henon chaotic systems will be introduced and discussed. A proposed cryptosystem algorithm will be designated as CACHS. CACHS meet the requirements of secure image transfer. It will be applied on medium color's frequencies of colored-image. CACHS contains confusion and diffusion algorithms. Confusion algorithm based on Chen's is used to shuffle the positions of pixels of the colored plain-image. Diffusion algorithm based on mixing of Henon and Chen's chaotic systems is used to change the values of pixels of the shuffled-image. CACHS will be applied on the three colors channels of the colored image with two modes of operations ECB and CBC. The results of several experimental, statistical analysis, key sensitivity tests, NPCR and UACI analysis, and information entropy analysis will show that CACHS is a well algorithm to provides an efficient and secure approach for encrypting the colored images.

Keywords: Image encryption; Chen's chaotic map; Henon chaotic system; and Modes of operations.

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Osama M. Abu Zaid
Computer Science, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences, Zagazig University, Egypt.

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