Sunday 21st of January 2018

Computer Network-based Multimodal Teaching of British and American Literature

Liu Xucai

Guided under the multimodal teaching theory, the researchers mainly discuss the practice of the computer network-based multimodal teaching of British and American literature. This article emphasizes that the teachers take advantage of pictures, network screenshots, movies, video, sound, and other resources in the classroom lectures to mobilize the coordination operation of the auditory, visual and tactile senses, to enhance the students impression of the writer and his works. By doing so, the students have a good understanding of the original work, instead of having the boring sense of the single text-mode teaching and the distress of comprehension of literary works, and have no difficulties in comprehending the text and then the classroom teaching is improved.

Keywords: computer network, teaching of British and American literature, multimodality, image mode, sound mode

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Liu Xucai
Foreign Languages School, Changchun Normal University, Changchn, Jilin, China

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