Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Comprehensive evaluation on housing market supply and demand based on principal component analysis: the case of Xi\'an, China

Jianping Yang

At present, China\'s housing prices and structures have been severe distorted, which have been done serious harm on the development of national economy and people\'s lives, the government has implemented the most strictest macro-control. This paper applies the correlation and principal component analysis on the supply demand of housing market. Aims to points out clear direction for the implementation of macro-control policies in the future.

Keywords: Macro-control; Correlation (Statistics); Principal Component Analysis; Comprehensive Evaluation; Supply & Demand Coordination Degree; Tourism Real Estate

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Jianping Yang
Jianping Yang: male, born in 1969, Ph. D, Professor, master\'s tutor, national registered real estate valuer, National Registered Consulting Engineer (investment), is the committee of the Architectural Society of China economic housing construction real estate economy professional, Shaanxi Province Civil Society Construction Economy, and the executive director of Xi\'an real estate Appraisal Association, the main research directions are construction and real estate economics and management of the city, investment decision and project evaluation, the management of the construction and real estate enterprises, building energy saving and other relevant teaching and research work. Hosted and participated in the National Natural Science Foundation of China, natural science foundation, longitudinal and transverse scientific research and teaching research for more than 30 items, is the editor in chief, deputy editor of more than 10 textbooks and other books, published teaching and academic papers nearly 20 pieces, and won the award of provincial government science and technology second prize, science and technology progress province college first prize, college scientific and technological progress first prize, and the school project award, the paper award and the teaching achievement award nearly 20 items.

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