Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Challenges of Online Exam, Performance and problems for Online University Exam.

Mohammad A Sarrayrih and Mohammed Ilyas

In this paper, we propose a system that provides security to improve on-line examination by utilizing technologies such as biometric authentication, internet-firewall, cryptography, network protocol and object oriented paradigms. Furthermore, we propose a framework for conducting on-line exams through insecure internet backbone. However, the proposed system will provide a secure communication based cryptography and group communications. In our research paper, we discuss the performance of students online course exam with respect to security and main challenges faced by online course exams within the university. We conclude that by improving the security system using bio metrics face recognition that can be incorporated into the proposed system to fulfill the challenge of online exam.

Keywords: Biometrics, Course, Online Exam, Security, University Course, Camera, Fingerprint Scanner

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Mohammad A Sarrayrih
graduated from Mutah University in 1999-Jordan, major in Computer Science. Upon completing his Master\'s degree from Al-Neelain University 2004 Amman Branch, he started working as a teacher of Computer Science, his experience of date being of more than 12 years. Mr. Al-Sarrayrih has also a two-year experience as Programmer in the Banking Systems and Online Systems (Phone banking and ATM\'s). Currently, Mr. Al-Sarrayrih is acting as Deputy Chair of Information Systems and Technology at Sur University College as well as a full time instructor.

Mohammed Ilyas
Mr. Mohammed Ilyas has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering; India, Higher Diploma in Software Engineering India, Master degree in Master in Computer Application, Computer Science, Worked as Software Engineer in Seer Software, Hyderabad, India. Worked as Instructor in Computer Science and Engineering, College, Hyderabad, worked as a Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Oman. Currently, he is a lecturer of computer Sciences at Sur University College (SUC), Oman. He published paper in conferences, Paper presented in International Conference on Leading Beyond the horizon: Engaging Future, Annamali University Paper Title: Knowledge Management in educational processes A qualitative approach

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