Friday 23rd of February 2018

Authentication System of Banking Transaction by Fingerprinting- Neural Network Approach

Eugène Mbuyi Mukendi and Jean Didier Batubenga Muamba

Shape recognition is a set of techniques and methods aiming at identifying patterns from raw data so as to make a decision depending on the category assigned to these patterns. Examples of content to which methods are applied are numerous. It can be visual content such as bar code, face, fingerprint, speech, images and much more. In fingerprint recognition, the application makes the registration of a person as well as his fingerprint in a database for future authentication, that is to say determine whether two fingerprints are identical to conclude that they come from the same person. In our case, the application authenticates the client of the Bank and then asks for his/her account number and password to ca rry out the withdrawal. The algorithm for fingerprint recognition which is used has been proposed by D. Maio and allows the location of minutiae in a more direct way by using neural networks. [2], [4]

Keywords: : authentication, fingerprinting, neural networks, identification.

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Eugène Mbuyi Mukendi

Jean Didier Batubenga Muamba

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