Sunday 21st of January 2018

Anti-surge Control Technologies of LargeCsized Chinese Gas Compression Pump

Liu Xiaoyang

In this paper, we take Jinan Iron Steel Co. Ltd.s Gas-steam Combined Cycle Power Generation Gas GCP as the object of study. This is the first application of Chinese large-sized gas compression pump in the field of steam-gas combined cycle power generation and thus initiates the application of technologies of Chinese large-sized gas compression pump. To broaden the pumps relatively narrow working area where the centrifugal compressor functions stably and to minimize the surge incurred therein, we established the anti-surge mathematical model and anti-surge control algorithm applicable to this gas compression pump; according to default settings, we tested anti-surge safety curve and thus figured out the estimated anti-surge safety curve to be incurred in application; then we concluded the anti-surge safety curve of the gas compression pump by fitting the test results of anti-surge safety curve into the estimated anti-surge safety curve. In practice, this gas compression pump not only satisfied the requirement for control function, but also reached the leading level in the same industry of China.

Keywords: Centrifugal compressor, surge suppression, anti-surge control technologies, performance curve, fitting, correction

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Liu Xiaoyang
Electrical Engineering Dept. of Jinan Vocational College

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