Tuesday 16th of January 2018

An Integrated and Improved Approach to Terms Weighting in Text Classification

Jyoti Gautam and Ela Kumar

Traditional text classification methods utilize term frequency (tf) and inverse document frequency (idf) as the main method for information retrieval. Term weighting has been applied to achieve high performance in text classification. Although TFIDF is a popular method, it is not using class information. This paper provides an improved approach for supervised weighting in the TFIDF model. The tfidf-weighting model uses class information to compute weighting of the terms. The model also assumes that low frequency terms are important, high frequency terms are unimportant, so it designs higher weights to the rare terms frequently. So, it uses rare term information along with class information for weighting. So, the paper proposes an improved approach which combines the benefits of the traditional kNN classifiers and Nave Bayes supervised learning method.

Keywords: Text classification, tf-idf, term weighting, kNN, feature selection

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Jyoti Gautam
Jyoti Gautam completed B. Tech. (Instrumentation and Control Engineering) in the year 1997 from Delhi University. Afterwards, she did her M.Tech. (Computer Technology and Applications) in the year 1999 from Delhi University. Currently, pursuing PhD in the area of Semantic Web from Gautam Buddha University, Greater NOIDA. Presently employed as Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in JSS Academy of Technical Education, NOIDA. One of the published papers titled ĎAn Improved Framework for Tag-Based Academic Information Sharing and Recommendation Systemí occurs in the proceedings of the WCE 2012 VOL II.

Ela Kumar
Dr. Ela Kumar completed B.E.(Electronics and Communication) in the year 1988 from IIT, Roorkee. Afterwards, she did her M.Tech. (Computer Science and Technology) in the year 1990 from IIT, Roorkee. Later, she did Ph.D. (Computer Science and Technology) from Delhi University in the year 2003.Worked as Asstt. Professor at YMCAIE,Faridabad. Presently, working as Dean and Associate Professor in the school of ICT, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida. She won Rashtriya Gaurav Award by IIFS society in NOV 2010 for meritorious activities in the field of IT. She has participated as member Advisory Board in various conferences. She has participated in various seminars as Speakers. She has participated as expert for Course Designing. Her publications include 10 research papers in International Referred Journal, 6 in National Referred Journals, 10 in International Conferences and 15 in National Conferences. She has penned 4 books. Her expertise include many other activities.

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