Sunday 21st of January 2018

An Effective Web Service Ranking Algorithm based on Quality of Experience of Users

Vandan Tewari, Nirmal Dagdee and Aruna Tiwari

With the increasing number of Web services, discovering and selecting best services for a client is becoming very significant. While discovering a user can benefit from experiences of other users. This can actually be exhibited through a collaborative filtering mechanism where a user is able to rate a service based on his experiences. A user can be offered services based on the Quality of Experience (QoE) of all the users which have used the given services in past. The service ratings given by all the users can be aggregated into a single list to prepare the overall service ranking which can be rendered to a client to help him in selection of better service. Further if a user wants to see the service ranking on other aspects such as its popularity etc., an aggregate ranking of services is presented using different ranking parameters. This paper presents a client oriented approach of Service rating and rank aggregation based on user oriented QoE based rating as well as popularity.

Keywords: Web Service, Quality of Experience, Service Rating, Service Ranking.

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Vandan Tewari
Vandan Tewari is currently pursuing Ph.D. program in Computer engineering in RGPV University, M.P., India. She is presently working as Asst. Prof. in Dept. of C.T.A at S.G.S.I.T.S., Indore. Her area of research is Web Services, Personalization, Data Mining and, Databases

Nirmal Dagdee
Dr. Nirmal Dagdee is a professor of computer science and has about 25 years of teaching experience in various engineering colleges. His areas of active research are data security, SOA and soft computing. He has authored several research papers that are published in reputed journals and conference proceedings. Currently, he is director of S. D. Bansal College Of Technology, Indore, India

Aruna Tiwari
Dr. Aruna Tiwari is working as Assistant professor at Dept. Of Computer Sc. & Engg. at IIT, Indore. She has published more than 25 papers in Journals of repute. Her major area of research are Soft Computing, Data Mining and Databases

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