Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Affective Computing Model for the Set Pair Users on Twitter

Chunying Zhang and Jing Wang

Affective computing is the calculation about sentiment, sentiment generated and the aspects of affecting the sentiment. However, the different factors often cause the uncertainty of sentiment expression of the users. Today twitter as the information media of real-time and timely has become better sentiment expression vector for users themselves. Therefore, in allusion to the diversity of sentiment form of twitter information to express sentiment, this paper constructs affective computing model, starting from the differences of the constituted form of Twitter based on set pair theory to make analysis and calculation for user sentiment, from the text, emoticon, picture information and other multi-angle to analyze the positive, negative and uncertain emotion of the users for the signal twitter, consolidating the weight of various parts in emotional information, building hierarchical set pair affective computing model for twitter users, to offer more favorable data support for the relevant departments and businesses.

Keywords: Affective computing, hierarchical model, set pair analysis, the constituted form of Twitter, Set Pair Users.

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Chunying Zhang
College of Science, Hebei United University

Jing Wang
College of Science, Hebei United University

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