Friday 23rd of February 2018

A Symbol Based Graphical Schema Resistant to Peeping Attack

T.Srinivasa Ravi Kiran, K.V.Samabasiva Rao, M.Kameswara Rao and A.Srisaila

Alphanumeric passwords are the most commonly used way of authenticating users in computer systems. One of the disadvantages of alphanumeric passwords is that they are hard to remember. Image passwords have been proposed to aim to make passwords more memorable and easier for users to use and, for this reason, it is more secure. Furthermore, most of the existing graphical password schemes are susceptible to spyware and shoulder surfing. This paper proposes a new graphical password authentication scheme resistant to peeping attack. In this schema We also try to answer two important questions: €œAre graphical passwords as secure as text-based passwords?€; €œWhat are the major design and implementation issues for graphical passwords?€. This survey will be useful for information security researchers and practitioners who are interested in finding an alternative to text-based authentication. methods. An analysis of security and usability aspects of the proposed scheme is presented.

Keywords: : Graphical password; Authentication, Peeping attack, Security, Spyware

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T.Srinivasa Ravi Kiran
Lecturer, Department of Computer Science P.G.Centre, P.B.Siddhartha College of Arts & Science, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, 520010, India

K.V.Samabasiva Rao
Principal, M.V.R College of Engineering, Paritala, 521180, Andhra Pradesh, India

M.Kameswara Rao
Associate Professor, Department Of Electronics and Computer Engineering, KL Univeristy, Vaddeswaram, 520 002,India

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, V.R.Siddhartha Engineering College,Kanur,Vijayawada,520006, Andhra Pradesh,India

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