Friday 23rd of February 2018

A proposed visualization tool for multilayer conceptual representation

Ahmed Sharaf Eldin, Adel Elsayed, Mona M. Nasr and Mostafa Thabet Mohamed Thabet

Visualization is the graphical or semi-graphical representation of information that aids human comprehension of and reasoning about that information. Visualization tools are critically important for creating, querying, visualizing and validating Conceptual Data. Conceptual Representation is an efficient infrastructure that enhances visibility of knowledge on the Content, the lack of robust and efficient tools to visualize, analyze and represent this Type of representation within Content framework constraint remains a big challenge. In this study, Conceptual delivery and their visualization tools were reviewed. ADS (Conceptual ,Delivery, Student Tool), a tool to evaluate and represent formal description of concepts, relationships of data models within a given framework for publishing contents of the Materials more efficiently is developed and proposed. Performance of ADS was investigated on samples of Delivery sessions. The proposed tool showed remarkable improvement over the existing tools as it aids a better comprehension of the syntax and semantics of Conceptual delivery investigated in this study.

Keywords: Conceptual Representation, Concept Mapping, Conceptual Delivery, Visualization tool, Authoring tool, Delivery tool, Concepts maps Technologies

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Ahmed Sharaf Eldin
Helwan University

Adel Elsayed
University of Bolton

Mona M. Nasr
Helwan University

Mostafa Thabet Mohamed Thabet

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