Sunday 21st of January 2018

A Cross-domain Authentication Protocol based on ID

Zheng Jun, Guo Xianchen, Zhang Quanxin and Zhang Qikun

In large distributed networks, many computers must be mutual coordination to complete some works Under the certain conditions, these computers may come from different domains. For ensuring the safety to access resources among these computers in different domains, we propose a cross-domain union authentication scheme. We compute a large prime cyclic group by elliptic curve, and use the direct decomposition of this group to decompose automorphism groups ,and design an signcryption scheme between domains by bilinear of automorphism group to achieve cross-domain union authentication. this scheme overcome the complexity of certificate transmission and bottlenecks in the scheme of PKI-based, and it can trace the entities and supports two-way entities anonymous authentication, which avoid the authority counterfeiting its member to cross-domain access resources. Analyses show that its advantages on security and communication-consumption .

Keywords: signcryption,cross-domain authentication, elliptic curve,bilinear group

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Zheng Jun
Beijing Institute of Technology

Guo Xianchen
Beijing Institute of Technology

Zhang Quanxin
Beijing Institute of Technology

Zhang Qikun
Beijing Institute of Technology

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