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IJCSI Volume 14, Issue 5, September 2017
Slip control of deep-sea tracked miner during walking
Qing-Jue Han, Li-Jun Li, Hui Chen, Yue-Can Li, Yue Wu, Ju-Kun Wang and Si-Yu Huang
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Real-time Data Stream Processing:Challenges and Perspectives
Soumaya Ounacer, Mohamed Amine Talhaoui, Soufiane Ardchir, Abderrahmane Daif and Mohamed Azouazi
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Secure Network using Secure Hash Algorithm-3 with Locking Protocol in Distributed Database System
Prerna Gupta, Amit Verma and B.K.Verma
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Monitoring and Evaluation Information System Modeling for Banking Credits
Mercurius Broto Legowo
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Parkinsons Disease Clustering and Classification with Multi Layer Perceptron using Best Ranked Voice Feature and Associative Rule Generation
Arup Kumar Bhattacharjee and Soumen Mukherjee
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Text-to-3D-Scene Generation using Semantic Parsing and Spatial Knowledge with Rule Based System
Md. Shahadat Hossain and Abdus Salam
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Open Educational Resources in Computer Science: Opportunities and Challenges
Ashadevi. B and Muthamilselvi
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Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Cities
Raj Kumar Mondal and Tufail Ahmad Zulfi
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Gesticulation Based Smart Surface with Enhanced Biometric Security Using Raspberry Pi
R. Gayathri, E. Roshith, B. Sanjana, S. Sanjeev Kumar and R. Shyamala
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management in different countries
Ginevra Gravili
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Energy-Efficient Virtual Machine Placement Algorithm
Sururah Bello, Abdulwakeel Gazali and Adesola Aderounmu
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