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IJCSI Volume 13, Issue 6, November 2016
A New Efficient Certificateless Multi-Receiver Public Key Encryption Scheme
Jun Zhu, Lin-Lin Chen, Xian Zhu and Ling Xie
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A dynamic deployment method of micro service oriented to SLA
Zhen-Ling Ji and Yong Liu
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A pattern based methodology for analyzing enterprise architecture landscape
Jihane Lakhrouit and Karim Baïna
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The lo-norm-based Blind Image Deconvolution: Comparison and Inspiration
Hai-Song Deng and Wen-Ze Shao
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5G Wireless Communications Systems: Heterogeneous Network Architecture and Design for Small Cells, D2D Communications (Low Range, Multi-hop) and Wearable Healthcare System on chip (ECG, EEG) for 5G Wireless
Niraj Shakhakarmi
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Ear Recognition using a novel Feature Extraction Approach
Ibrahim Omara, Feng Li, Ahmed Hagag, Souleyman Chaib and Wangmeng Zuo
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TLM Platform Based on SystemC for Hybrid MSR Topology
Abid Noureddine, Zitouni Abdelkrim and Tourki Rached
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Sext3: The Secure Ext3
Raza Muhammad, Zhou Ke and Basheer Riskhan
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Graph Theoretic and Genetic Algorithm-Based Model for Web Content Mining
Moses Akinjide Adelola, Sunday Olumide Adewale and Gabriel Babatunde Iwasokun
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A Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Using One Mobile Beacon
Ahmed Elsayed Aboelhassab and Salwa Elramly
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An Approach Using Dynamic Deferred Acknowledgement to Improve TCP Performance in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
K. Praveen Kumar Rao and T. Senthil Murugan
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Modeling and simulation of multi-disk auto-balancing rotor
Yang Yi-Jiao, Tan Qing, Yi Nian-En and Yang Jun-Zhe
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Lie Face Recognition Use CBIR (Content Based Image Retrieval) Techniques for Otomation System
Dodi Yudo Setyawan and Muhammad Rafiq
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HomeGuard: A Smart System to Deal with the Emergency Response of Domestic Violence Victims
Anik Islam, Arifa Akter and Bayzid Ashik Hossain
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Implementation of Email Security using PGP at Zimbramail Server
Made Sudarma and Dandy Pramana Hostiadi
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AluxBot - A Chatbot that Encourages the Care for the Environment
Jorge Peniche-Avilés, Carlos Miranda-Palma, Lizzie Narváez-Díaz and Erika Llanes-Castro
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Multi-body dynamics and Biomedical Engineering Development
Wu Ren, Zhong Wei Li, Jiao Wang, Yanping Bi, Yang Luo, Yuancang Lou and Yi Yu
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Information Security Issues and Threats in Saudi Arabia: A Research Survey
Ahmed Alzahrani and Khalid Alomar
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Serious Game to Combat Childhood Obesity Using Kinect
Rosa Rodriguez-Dzib, Jose Lopez-Martinez, Victor Chi-Pech and Erika Llanes-Castro
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Transforming Government: A Proposed Model for Culture Centred Design Approach
Noliza Saidin, Dalbir Singh and Zainul Akramin Mohd Drus
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Applications of Modern Optimization Methods for Controlling Parallel Connected DC-DC Buck Converters
Ali S. Al-Dmour
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LBPV Based Partial Face Recognition
M Naveena
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