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IJCSI Volume 13, Issue 5, September 2016
Recommender System in Big Data Environment
Udeh Tochukwu Livinus, Rachid Chelouah and Houcine Senoussi
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Web Server Vulnerability Analysis in the context of Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Md Samsul Haque
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Towards quantum agents: the superposition state property
Alain-Jérôme Fougères
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5T SRAM Cell with Improved Read/Write-ability and Reduced Standby Leakage Current
Chien-Cheng Yu and Ming-Chuen Shiau
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A 3D Dynamic Visualization Surveillance System
Yuguan Xing, Hiroshi Nagahashi and Xiaolin Zhang
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An Automated System for Essay Scoring of Online Exams in Arabic based on Stemming Techniques and Levenshtein Edit Operations
Emad Fawzi Al-Shalabi
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Numerical Study of Natural Convection in a Three-dimensional Cavity Filled with Nanofluids
Mohamed Sannad, Btissam Abourida, Lahoucine Belarche and Hicham Doghmi
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Proposed Seed Pixel Region Growing Segmentation and Artificial Neural Network Classifier for Detecting the Renal Calculi in Ultrasound Images for Urologist Decisions
Sujata Navratnam, Siti Fazilah Shamsudin, Valliappan Raman and Sundresan Perumal
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Application of k-NN and Naive Bayes Algorithm in Banking and Insurance Domain
Gourav Rahangdale, Manish Ahirwar and Mahesh Motwani
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Toward Sensor and Software Product Line Based Context Aware Cloud Environment Assignment
Asmae Benali, Bouchra El Asri and Houda Kriouile
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UX Graph Tool for Evaluating the User Satisfaction
Ayako Hashizume and Masaaki Kurosu
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A Dynamic Tracing Model for Agile Software Product Lines Domain Engineering from Features to Structural Elements: An Approach Based on Dynamic Routing
Zineb Mcharfi, Bouchra El Asri and Abdelaziz Kriouile
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Overhead Analysis of Reactive Shortest Single and Multi-path Routing Mechanism with Load Balance in MANET
K.Mariyappan and M.Karnan
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A Comparative Study of Tracking Moving Objects in videos
Walaa Omar El-Farouk Hussein Badr, Hossam. El-Din Mostafa and Rasheed Mokhtar El-Awady
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Unigram Polarity Estimation of Movie Reviews using Maximum Likelihood
Rounak Dhaneriya, Manish Ahirwar and Mahesh Motwani
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The Soil Survey and Land Use Planning of Puducherry Region of Union Territory of Puducherry by Soil Profile Analysis Model using Soft Computing Approaches
Ashok Kumar D and Kannathasan N
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Numerical study on Optimization of key parameters for better cutting performance of shield machine cutters
Tan Qing, Yi Nian-En, Xia Yi-Min, Zhu Yi, Yi Liang and Yizeng Siyuan
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Need of Autonomic Management SaaS Application
Nadir Kamal Salih and Tianyi Zang
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Enhanced Parallel Skyline on Multi-core Architecture with Low Memory Space Cost
Jean Pepe M. Buanga, Simon Ntumba Badibanga and Richard Kabamba Ilunga
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Analysis of FTP and Web Server Performance In Open Source Server Virtualization
Reza Mohammadi, Seyyed Yahya Nabavi and Seyyed Mohsen Emam
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Web interface query integration in holistic matching approach using clustering algorithms
Fatemeh Salahshour and Reza Tavoli
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Implementation of Data Warehousing Tool with Data Mapping for Environmental Research
Ana Elena L. Conjares, Bobby D. Gerardo and Ruji P. Medina
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