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IJCSI Volume 13, Issue 4, July 2016
Path planning and Obstacle avoidance approaches for Mobile robot
Hoc Thai Nguyen and Hai Xuan Le
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Data Mining of Bayesian Networks to Select Fusion Nodes from Wireless Sensor Networks
Yee Ming Chen
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Effectiveness of Data Vault compared to Dimensional Data Marts on Overall Performance of a Data Warehouse System
Zaineb Naamane
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An Intelligent Data Processing Method for ResidentialLoad Analysis
Gaochao Cui, Li Zhu, Dongsheng Wang and Jianting Cao
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A Study of Speech Emotion and Speaker Identification System using VQ and GMM
Sushma Bahuguna and Y. P. Raiwani
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An Ontology Construction Approach for retrieval of the Museum Artifacts Using Protege
Manoj Kumar Sharma and Tanveer J Siddiqui
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Impact of table partitioning on the query execution performance
Jaumin Ajdari, Nehat Mustafa, Xhemal Zenuni, Bujar Raufi and Florije Ismaili
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Ontology-driven Approach for Knowledge Sharing and Retrieval
Nevin M. Matasyoh, George Okeyo and Wilson Cheruiyot
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Tree Method Implementation in Geographic Information System of Pura Kawitan in Bali Based On Android Mobile
Putu Resatya Andrian, I Nyoman Piarsa and Ni Kadek Ayu Wirdiani
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Implementation of Data Mining in Analyzing Social Media Users Personality with Nave Bayes Classifier: A Case Study of Instagram Social Media
R. Sudrajat, M.Si., Rudi Rosadi and Harits Muhammad
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Android Navigation Application with Location-Based Augmented Reality
I Nyoman Piarsa, Putu Wira Buana and I Gede Agus Mahasadhu
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An Efficient Method to Digitize Polygon Objects of a Black and White Raster Map
Krishan Kundu, Prasun Halder and Jyotsna Kumar Mandal
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A Literature Survey: Towards a framework for evaluating quality in academic websites
James Kiprop Kosgey, Agnes Mindila and Otieno Calvins
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Developing A Learning Knowledge-Based System For Diagnosis And Treatment Of Malaria
Chala Diriba, Million Meshesha and Debela Tesfaye
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The Benefit Of Using More Than One Elman Neural Network For Off-Line Signature Recognition System
Shatha M., Manar Al-Abaji and Maher Hussien
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